What is biomass?

Currently, biomass is one of the most used resources in the world and its potential as an energy source is increasing. Thanks to the fact that little by little the population becomes aware of the enormous impact that we have on the environment, renewables such as biomass, are taking more and more relevance as non-polluting alternatives.

The term 'biomass' has several meanings: on the one hand, it refers to the organic matter produced by living beings, such as the wood of trees, nutshells, bones of some fruit or animal excrement, among others. Likewise, when we refer to biomass as an energy source we are talking about the process that organic matter performs to produce energy, better known as bioenergy, which is finally transformed into fuel.

While there are several procedures for obtaining energy from biomass, at Capitán Denim we opt for direct combustion, by burning pistachio, almond, olive or peach kernels, depending on the season, in order to generate energy thermal and electric that put into operation all the machinery of our factory.

Biomass boilers are not only eco-efficient, they are also more economical since they represent a great saving in expenditure compared to traditional boilers. Among the pros of biomass as a source of renewable energy, it stands out that it turns waste into resources, that it respects the environment and does not pollute, that it obtains the same result from other energies at a lower price and that it collaborates with forest cleaning. Everything is advantages!

As an industry, we are aware of the impact we have on the environment, but from the beginning we have been clear about the responsibility that it entails, and for this reason, for years we have been working with biomass supported by solar energy to start up our factory. We are convinced that renewables are the way to go, and you, have you noticed already?

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