How to repair denim.

How to repair denim

The resistance and high durability of denim are two of the main characteristics of this fabric. While it is true that a denim garment has a much longer life than another-almost any other fabric, you must be aware that those jeans that you like so much will not last forever. But do not worry, here's how to repair denim easily and effectively to extend the life of your jeans. Pay attention!

First, to repair the denim in a simple and original way you can use internal patches of different colors to your beloved jeans. This is to highlight the hole so a good option would be to give a stitch with a thread of some striking color-red, orange or yellow, for example-as a decoration. With a little practice, you will be able to adapt those patches or arrangements to your personal style, making it unique and inimitable. 

You can also use external patches in order to cover the hole completely. We encourage you to approach the haberdashery of your neighborhood, surely you will find patches of different sizes, models and colors. You will give a different touch to your jeans making them take a second life and, also, you will support the small business helping to promote a more just and sustainable economy. All in one!

Finally, if we talk about how to repair the denim, we have to make reference to the boro style, which achieves an effect very similar to the famous Japanese patchwork. It involves using different shades of denim to make the patch: sew several pieces of denim fabric, in this case, to then overlay the damaged area. A current trend that gives your pants a different touch.

Denim offers countless decorative possibilities, take advantage of them and give your jeans a second life!

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