How to prevent your jeans from fading.

How to prevent your jeans from fading

As you know, denim is originally white and to give it color the tissue suppliers use a special dye called indigo. But, like everything, the denim tries to return to its origins and with the use, the color of your jeans is fading, either by washing, rubbing, posture or even by the way of walking of each person. This is why it is said that Texans end up adopting the personality of those who wear them. For example, if you always carry the wallet in one of the back pockets of the pants, with the passage of time, your jeans will adopt not the form, but the drawing that makes that complement in your jeans. Have you never noticed?

Well, if that color fading occurs naturally -with use-, the garment acquires a different and peculiar touch that makes it unique. However, the forced detour of your pants will make them the most hated garment in your wardrobe. So that this does not happen you have to take into account a series of basic care of denim, so you will avoid the detour of your jeans.

On the one hand, if you are someone who likes to wash jeans by hand, you must put the garment in a large container or bowl of cold water and soap, and let it sit for 1 to 2 hours. After this time you must remove the water and rinse the jeans to remove the soap completely - if you do not, may appear spots of detergent when the garment is dry. Finally, they should be left to dry in the air well extended.

If instead you use a washing machine, you should wash your jeans always upside down and at 30 degrees maximum. Oh! And as we have said on occasion, try not to mix colors, so you will keep the dye in perfect condition.

It is also important to know that as raw denim has not been subjected to certain processes of washing and wearing, fade more than a 'blue jeans', for example, and therefore, we must carry out certain preventions in order that this fading of color is more gradual.

In this sense, to avoid the detour of the raw denim, you have to put the pants in a basin with warm water and half a cup of vinegar for about an hour, then remove with cold water and let dry in the air well extended. Another possibility to extend the life of the indigo of your raw jeans is to wash them in the washing machine adding the same amount of vinegar in the compartment of the rinse cycle.

There is no excuse for not avoiding the detour of your jeans!

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