Why do jeans fade?

Why do jeans fade?   

If they tell you about a piece of universal clothing, the first thing that comes to mind are good jeans, the perfect allies for-almost-any occasion! You have them in different shades and models and you know every detail of your beloved jeans, but do you know why jeans fade? 

As a denim lover, you will know that indigo is the dye used on your jeans and is applied to this raw fabric -which has a white color-. It is a peculiar dye because, unlike many, it does not penetrate inside the thread. This means that, with use, your jeans will adopt a different tone, worn and at the same time unique, since the white base of the yarn appears gradually with the passage of time. 

And, like good wine, denim improves with age. The jeans are adopting a personality of the person who wears them. This is due to the way you walk, move and even store items in your pockets. Everything influences the wear of denim! 

Thus, little by little, the so-called fades appear in our Texans, which according to what part of the jeans they appear, receive a name or another due to the shape that appears when they are weaned. Two clear examples of the most common wear of your jeans are the 'stacks', which are formed above the hem of the trousers; and the 'honeycombs', which appear in the posterior area of ​​the knee. 

In Captain Denim we have several worn models that are the delight of fans of the fades. Among the women's jeans, include the Push-up Carly Vintage Indigo-medium-low and skinny cut-and the Denver Premium Blue-skinny high-shot. Of man, there are the Ray Dirty Blue - a straight denim with elastic fabric - and the Flamingo Light Used Blue - slim fit and semipitillo cut -. 

And you, did you know why jeans fade?


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