To respect our environment and our traditions, to value our experience and to continue innovating in order to manufacture in a sustainable way. At Capitan Denim we are convinced that we can combine our traditional way of working with technology without losing our essence. We believe in slow fashion, made with love and without harming the planet, so we like to work in a controlled way and knowing what we have in our hands.  This is Captain Denim, a natural way of making jeans.

Our culture provides many reasons to make sure you buy in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and people. We were born out of the enthusiasm to value everything we do in a traditional and conscious way. 8 years later, our passion and our values remain the same.

Textile heritage

We have been threading needles, sewing, unpicking and sewing again to keep the textile passion alive generation after generation. That is why we want to give value to this work with so many years of history and to make it last in time.

Local production

Our business model is not based on overproduction but on what is necessary. We are committed to local production, to proximity and to everything our land has to offer. We are proud to say that our factory is located where it always has been, in Madrigueras, a small town in Albacete.

Balance and Sustainability

The most sustainable thing is what is closest to us and what already exists. Therefore, to be able to talk about sustainability, there must be an economic, social and environmental balance. It is much more sustainable to produce and buy locally than to consume products with the label of "sustainability" that are thousands of kilometres away from us.

Zero impact

The planet is sending us signals to act as soon as possible. We know it's not easy, but producing with minimal impact on the environment is our priority. Capitan Denim was born with sustainable processes, because, as you well know, producing in a sustainable way is not a fashion, it is common sense, it is working in a traditional way.

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