Stop and think, how much plastic do you see? There are probably more than three products that are or contain plastic around you. It's not just you, in fact, did you know that we consume approximately 2,000 small pieces of plastic per person per week?

From clothing, to personal hygiene, to utensils that make our lives easier, ... we can't eliminate plastic from our lives, but we can reduce it so that the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. It is also our responsibility.

It's no use us telling you that we are sustainable and that we show you our values if when you receive your order, we deliver it in a common plastic bag, don't you think? That's why we have designed our packaging to be in line with what awaits you inside.

At Capitán Denim we are very aware that everything we recycle today will be positive for the future. That's why all our packaging has been made in a responsible and conscious way.

They are FSC certified, which guarantees that they come from sustainable forests.

We are also committed to reuse, so if you need to exchange or return it, you can send it back to us in the same envelope. If you open it carefully along the die-cut line, you will see that there is another self-adhesive strip to reseal the package. You can also use it to send anything else or just to put your creativity to use (we've seen that more than one of you is a talented person). As it is a recyclable envelope, when you are not going to use it any more, remember to put it in the blue bin.

We take care of our environment, starting with the work on the small details, such as our labels. The first one you will see when you open the packet is made from vegetable paper; the second one has a very special value: it is made from camomile seeds. If you plant it, follow the advice on the label and give it lots of love, you will have a chamomile plant!

Our aim is to eliminate all unnecessary plastic and non-recyclable materials in everything that surrounds us and thus be able to contribute another small grain of sand to improve the planet.


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